Clover 4

Clover 4 (Klavertje 4) gives his name to the Masterplan for the development of a large agro-industrial and logistic area of approximately 5,000 hectares in the region of Venlo. In order to embed the new economic activities in their surrounding landscape, the Cradle to Cradle principles are being applied. The Masterplan is based on integrated water- and energy systems, (waste)material cycles and the reduction of truck movement.

Clover 4 refers to the spatial typology of the clover that shapes the development of the area. First of all the Clover 4 is a suitable, flexible structure for the accommodation of large logistic functions. It also creates a strong ‘logo’ for both the region of Venlo and the individual businesses. But more important, the Clover 4 is the most appropriate scale for closing and combining systems of water, energy, waste and mobility within the area and for creating an attractive working environment.

Because the built-up leaves of the clover are unfolded, green spaces can penetrate deep into the working area, to the benefit and pleasure of the employees. It also creates space for the infiltration of rainwater from the large roof planes of the warehouses and from the infrastructure. Located in the heart of the clover is a green zone  for the purification of the polluted water. Clean water that infiltrates into the soil can serve as irrigation water for the glasshouses. This preserves the natural balance in the area.

A biomass energy plant converts waste from the glasshouses and the processing industry, pig manure and green waste from the landscape and surrounding villages into biogas. The biogas is fed into combined heat and power plants that supply electricity and heat to the Clover 4.

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This masterplan was partly conceived during our partnership at VHP.