Changing Waterscapes

Within the ABC water programme (Active-Beautiful-Clean) all existing rivers and stormwater infrastructures of Singapore are better integrated in the public space of the city and made accessible for people to enjoy. This programme has been successfully implemented since 2006. In a tender for the next round of 30 projects, the government is asking for new innovative concepts. The catchment area of the Sembawang River serves as a test case. Today the river appears in the city as a large concrete canal fed by a network of smaller, mostly covered canals.  The system transports all the rainwater into the sea as fast as possible.

We propose a strategy  that follows three principles: Bring people closer to the water; bring water closer to the people; apply greening for cleaning. So we transform the existing concrete network into soft, green and blue public spaces like promenades, parks and squares. We also hold the rainwater a bit longer on site for people to experience and enjoy it. Therefore we introduce watersquares XL on well chosen spots in the network. One square is elaborated further, with a waterfall as a distinctive feature.

For a new development area we integrate the water collection into the urban scheme. By doing so we add value to the future real estate. In this “green valley” the run off of the water is being controlled in several subsequent stages.  In the centre of the valley the water is ultimately kept to create lush communal spaces for the neighbourhood. In all proposed interventions the changing of weather conditions is immediately connected to a dynamic experience of space.

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