Rotterdam public space

After fifty years of rebuilding  the destroyed city centre of Rotterdam the “wederopbouw” was rounded off . Old harbor areas like ‘Kop van Zuid’ became new focal points for urban development. In the centre Rotterdam started a programme for the redesign of its public spaces. Aim was to turn the sometimes desolate and often car dominated streets and squares of the centre into a inviting and attractive public domain.

Illustrative for this new public domain is the Skatepark Westblaak.  The wide central reservation of this main traffic artery is redesigned as a spectacular skatepark for use by beginners as well as accomplished skaters and skateboarders. It also is a popular place for a lunch break for visitors of the adjacent shops and offices.

At the Lijnbaan,  Rotterdam’s  main pedestrian shopping street, a proliferation of billboards and street furniture is met with a clear organization and design of only the essential  elements that contribute to the use and beauty of the street.

The connection for pedestrians between the cultural centre and the river is improved and turned into a promenade along the water of the Westersingel. The promenade is reprofiled and enriched with fine art sculptures to enjoy.

Along the waterfront parked cars dominated the space for a long time.  At the Willemskade the quays are redesigned as inviting places to linger and stroll and to enjoy the water. To celebrate this the Willemskade is generously  provided with picnic tables that are a popular with both inhabitants and visitors.

The design of the public spaces was carried out by Dirk van Peijpe at dS+V Rotterdam.