MER 35

A new culture of regional planning emerges. For governments regarding spatial development on the regional scale, we see a shift from a practice of reactive control to a more proactive position. In  this context we received an invitation to prepare, to master and to publish on a series of workshops on ‘mobility and spatial quality’ for the province of Overijssel. Our aim was to move the planning and design of infrastructure from the technocratic domain into an integrated approach in which mobility is in the first place a social activity and a spatial phenomena.

We started the project with a rich and diverse research on mobility, combining topics like the history of the vehicle, travel motives and the cartography of mobility with an atlas on mobility in Overijssel. For the master classes we proposed the elaborate on three extreme scenario’s for the provincial road N35. Three scenario’s: “A35, D35 and OV 35” were introduced from cultural, spatial and social points of view. Based on this research we  directed two workshops. Participants from province and local governments  intensively worked together during two weekends  on the topic of the N35.  At the same time we collected opinions on the N35 and portrayed its daily users. The result of the research and the workshops were  published in two Magazines MER 35.

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