Kaliningrad North station area

The North station and its surrounding area is one of the most important transport nodes in the center of Kaliningrad. The place is dominated by heavy traffic and unsafe and unpleasant for pedestrians. The focus of our project is to reduce the impact of cars and to create a network of attractive public spaces for people of Kaliningrad to enjoy. The proposal consists of:

Coherent public spaces: We re-open the old railway station hall for public access and re-organize the small scale commercial program in and around. These interventions link the two (now separated) squares to make one comfortable public domain and create better relations between the indoor and outdoor activities.

Comfortable and safe transfer node: Relocation of the tram- and bus stops improves the safety and comfort for various users. An easy transfer between public and private means of transport is crucial to increase the usage of public transport within the city. Clear design improves the pedestrian flows and wayfinding.

More space for pedestrians and cyclists: We reduce the space for cars in the area by making smaller roads and less parking places on the square. Traffic reorganization in nearby streets introduces more generous sidewalks and safe pedestrian crossings. By doing so, all user groups (locals, tourists, commuters, employees) are welcome in a generous public domain that offers a rich palette of places for both formal and informal recreation.

More space for green and climate measures: We propose to reintroduce the historic green structure of the site and to connect the surrounding green areas via the square. Planting helps creating more intimate and enclosed spaces that contrasts nicely with the openness of the adjacent Church square. New greenery and a canopy of trees reduces the heat stress and more permeable paving with a series of rain gardens improves local rainwater management.