Rotterdam is making plans for a sensational new park called “Hofbogen Park”. The public park is situated on the abandoned elevated railway called “Hofbogen”. The monumental viaduct runs through four urban districts of Rotterdam. With a length of 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) and an average width of only 8 meter (25 feet), the Hofbogenpark will be the longest and narrowest roofpark in the Netherlands.


The Hofbogenpark invites people of all kinds for a pleasant walk at height through a rich, colorful and fragrant linear landscape. The park is a ‘green lifeline’ that connects the densely populated neighborhoods around it. It offers its visitors a pleasant and welcome space for strolling and lingering in an elevated landscape with flowing water and native vegetation, surrounded by treetops.


Platforms of different sizes are distributed throughout the park to make place for a rich variety of public activities. There are platforms for people to work, lunch, play, sport, perform, linger and relax. A number of balconies along the line provide the visitors with amazing vistas on the surrounding city. Access to the elevated Hofbogenpark is provided by both stairs and elevators. Some of the access points will be integrated in existing and new buildings along the line.


The park is not only open for people. Animals too are considered ‘clients’ of the Hofbogen park. Native planting and fresh water offer migration space, shelter and food for bees and butterflies, toads, bats, birds and hedgehogs. They have their own ways to access the park. The Hofbogenpark connects to a larger ecological corridor and brings nature deep in the heart of the city.


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