Brainport, the Ingenious landscape

In the 20th century Eindhoven and South East Brabant region developed  as a (inter)national ‘Brainport’; A highly specialized network of clustered research and knowledge-based businesses.  Research on the future perspectives for ‘Brainport’ show,  that all successful innovatory regions in Europe and the United States expressly advertise themselves with an attractive and first-class landscape in which they are situated. Such a competitive position on a European scale cannot be taken for granted for Southeast Brabant. If Brainport is to succeed, this especially demands an investment in an inviting urban landscape.

Decades of land consolidation in the region have led to a  extensive and complex landscape structure, in which the ‘rooms, corridors and recesses’ are formed by the trees in alternating shapes and sizes.  In this wooded landscape, a strategy of green X red is proposed. Build developments in Brainport go hand in hand with ‘building’ the landscape. No compensatory green areas elsewhere, but appealing green environments precisely on the spot where the inhabitants derive the most benefit.

Within this ingenious landscape four future perspectives for Brainport are sketched. They together show a range of strategic spatial developments for Brainport. Focusing on one scenario is not necessary. Complementarily and versatility enhance a Brainport.