Dutch Delta Games 2028

The city of Rotterdam has the ambition to host the Olympic Games in 2028 and is exploring the possibilities of this Olympic ambition. Rotterdam is part of a network of Delta cities around the world and aims to combine its passion for sports with its Delta knowledge. ‘Dutch Delta Games’ becomes the Olympic theme for 2028.

We were asked by the City of Rotterdam to think of ways to combine this Dutch Delta knowledge with the Olympic Games. We came up with several smart delta interventions, that would prove their function not only during, but also before and after the Olympic games of 2028. The “new Deltaworks” will generate social, economic and sustainable benefits for Rotterdam and the Netherlands: a true Dutch Delta legacy.

At the Boompjes we reconnect the city to the Maas. A climate-proof dike is integrated with a tunnel for cars. On top we create a new city-balcony. This public space will be the Medal Plaza during the Olympics and a pleasant green promenade after the games.

The Dike Stadium intagrates a flood resistant “superdike” with the Olympic swimming pool. A pier makes the stadium reachable by boat. After the Olympics the stadium itself can be partly dismantled to become Rotterdam’s outdoor swimming pool.

The Floating Olympic Village will be constructed in the building docks of the RDM-Campus. During the games the Rotterdam Stadshavens accommodate 3000 floating houses for athletes and officials. After the Olympics, a part of the floating village will stay in Rotterdam Stadshavens. Another part of the houses can be shipped to other Delta cities, for instance to provide save houses in flood risk delta’s around the world.

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