Broen og Bølgen

‘Bridge and wave’ (Broen og Bølgen) is a proposal for renewal of a central site in Struer town. New urban space will be created that links the town and harbour together and protects it from flooding. Struer is a town in central Jutland region in Denmark, located on the hillside, facing a fjord. It is known for the Hi-End audio manufacturer Bang&Olufsen and is thus proudly called the City of Sound.

The specific site itself is a complex space in the backside of a pedestrian area and town hall, crossed by a railway bridge and a local street, leading to the harbour. It is the lowest area in the town with most severe flood risk. Occasional storms and strong winds in the North Sea bring water in the fjord, causing flooding in the harbour. On the other side the lower areas of the town experiences flooding caused by heavy cloudbursts.

The concept ties sound and water waves in a simple design element, creating a distinctive and climate adaptive urban space. On the western part of the site, the wave barrier has gentle slopes with planting, where one can lay down in the lawn or enjoy a cup of coffee. Kids can experiment with the sound tubes and play in the playground under the arches. The eastern part of the site is a place for skateboarding and listening to the music through phone megaphones. Crossing a shared local road, one can promenade along the waterfront and linger on the wide sea stairs and gaze far across the fjord.

During a cloudburst, local water will run off to the depressions and from there will be lead to the harbour stairs. They are designed to clean rainwater before it flows into the fjord. When the sea level is rising, the street under the bridge will be closed off with temporary wall. Together with the wave design structure and railway embankment, it will protect the town center from flooding.