One square for all

In the periphery of Hamburg lies the cities second largest public transport node Barmbek. Its current chaotic situation is the result of years of neglect and uncontrolled additions. Instead of just tidying up the public space, we propose a thorough rethinking of the spatial organization of the Bahnhof and a restructuring of traffic flows to facilitate this. We suggest a simple traffic scheme, a clear hierarchy and less but better public spaces.

We propose a functional zone on the north side of the metro station where all busses arrive and where passengers can immediately enter the metro or walk home. Here we create space for a new perimeter block that adds housing and commercial programme to the pedestrian walkway opposing the “Karstadt” department store. This block generates earning capacity for the proposed interventions in public space.

The south side of the metro station becomes the place for all busses to depart. Here people can linger and wait for the bus to arrive. The square is also the connection to the adjacent Museum quarter and here a weekly market takes place. It offers a break to passersby along the main shopping street. This square becomes the central place for all activities in Barmbek.

This simple spatial concept asks for a thorough reorganization of bus movements, which we therefore examined and positioned very precisely within the existing road network. The proposed bus sequence of arrival, waiting and departure is bound together by one continuous architectural gesture, that folds from a modest wall into a generous roof hovering over waiting passengers on the square.

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