Aquaduct 010

In the project Aquaduct 010 De Urbanisten propose a water sensitive perspective for the “Hofpleinlijn”, a former railway viaduct and its surrounding district. Clean water is the connecting element. Aquaduct 010 explores the possibilities to use the roof of the Hofpleinlijn as a monumental urban structure that collects, transports and purifies water. This water will be delivered to its surroundings for various uses.

Inspiration for the project is the legacy of W.N. Rose and his “Singelplan” for the city of Rotterdam. Attractive and diverse plants on the roof of the two kilometre long aquaduct are crucial in the design, even as the opportunity to access the roof to walk and stay there. Aquaduct 010 creates an added value for the spaces directly under the aquaduct and for the people using it. Also the surrounding neighbourhoods and even the city of Rotterdam could take their share of profit.

The Aquaduct 010 is presented to various stakeholders, among them are the City of Rotterdam, Hofbogen BV, the waterboard of Schieland and Krimpenerwaard and the water company Evides. Aquaduct 010 is received there with a lot of enthusiasm. Enough reason for further elaboration and providing the project with a financial basis.